Join a Community of Animal Lovers and Change-Makers

Animal Rebels is a start-up business that helps animals in distress. We are raising funds to build our online store. To be a part of the movement, PLEDGE HERE.

Through selling pet products and services we aim to give a voice to the “voiceless” and enhance the lives of animals by providing financial aid - leading a global community of animal lovers who inspire change!

Our Mission

To impact millions of animals on a global scale by empowering communities, training animals, healing pet and human relationships, encouraging pet care and financially supporting registered animal charities through products sold.

Because our animals matter!

And Because:

  • Helping animals in distress is necessary
  • Supporting animal charities makes a difference
  • Healing communities and animals is a gift
  • Belonging to a community is awesome
  • Inspiring people to live out their purpose creates change
  • Helping people to clarify their animal calling inspires others
  • They are our teachers and we love them!

Products + Services


We ask you to back our campaign
To support and heal our animals' pain,
To set up our e-commerce store
Selling animal-related products that create more.

The tipping point money we raise,
Goes to the pet revolution phase.
First we'll focus on our domestic paws,
Please help us with this animal cause!

Your money will provide a voice for the voiceless,
Supporting registered charities with your kindness.
Creation, distribution and marketing of merchandise,
Creating experiences of love, kindness and change alike.


When we hit our dream amount,
Product development will be paramount.
Designated animal shelters get their share,
And then we will reach out to conquering wildlife welfare.

We will further our education and empower communities,
Extend our reach in healing, helping and supporting.
Training animals, encouraging pet care and animal communications,
We promise never to stop with our inspiring creations!

Thanks to the support of our previous BackaBuddy campaign, we have got off to a good start.

The success of our 45 day ThundaFund crowdfunding campaign will allow us to take it all the way, with the build of the full e-commerce store.

We've already reached 57% of our campaign target of R42,000. Time is running out, so we ask that you pledge today to help us get that one step closer to fulfilling our mission. Even the smallest amount will mean the world to us and the animals you will be helping.

- Pledge options -


A thank you message, and photograph of your pet on our Angel Rebel wall of love.


A customised digital art of your pets face 
An Angel Card reading.


A bracelet and a choice of Animal Rebels branded apparel; a baby onesie OR a t-shirt OR kiddie’s cap.


1 Hour dog walk and delicious dog treats (JHB only).


Animal Rebels ladies vest, necklace and key ring OR 
Animal Rebels cap and 'walkies' bag.


Animal Rebels branded coaster set and 2 bottles of limited edition wine.


Store Gift card and 45min animal communication Skype session.


Time, love and sweat: 4 days of dedicated animal volunteer work on your behalf.

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